How to Get Leads with PPC?

Get leads with PPC

The ultimate goal of every company or organization today is to get more and more new customers and make more money. In the world of this high competition it is pretty hard to attract customers towards your product. Lead generation is the goal of every sales and marketing team. But the question is how?
Google Shopping Ads Services in India helps a lot in generating lead with ppc, but before knowing about it lets know something about traditional marketing.
Lets first talk about the sales funnel, that how a customer is converted into a lead.
It consists of four steps:-
• Awareness: The prospect learns about your existing solution, product or service. He is also aware of his problem which he needs to solve and ways to deal with it.
• Interest: Here, the prospect actively looks for solutions to their problems and a way to achieve these goals. They express an interest in your product or service, follow you on social media and subscribes to your list.
• Decision: The prospect is makes the decision that they want to take advantage of your solution. They pay attention to different packages and options to make the final decision for purchase.
• Action: The prospect becomes a customer then he finalizes the deal with you; and clicks the purchase button; it then enters a purchase contract with you. Money is transferred to your account, isn’t it great!
PPC is highly effective channel for online lead generation especially with the help of Google Shopping Ads Services in India; the goal of lead generation is to get the prospect into lead tracking system. There are various ways through which PPC lead to conversion:-

1. Blogs- Reading and writing blogs are pretty common these days, and anything that becomes popular, marketers reaches there with their product. But it is not so easy to post a Ad anywhere. Relevancy plays a very important role. Just for example we are showing the Ad of my new coffee shop on a travelling blog. Then it will make no sense, therefore relevancy is very important.

2. E-Mails- Marketers run e-mail marketing campaign and send e-mail to their prospects with a PPC ad in it. Suppose a person checks the price of hotel in Goa on, but he returns back without making the booking. After sometime he will defiantly get a mail with an ad for booking the same hotel room with some discount. They sometime also drag you to their advertisement with the help of Google Shopping Ads Services.

3. Social media – It is the biggest platform these days for showing PPC ads. Analyst use Google analytics to know the behavior of the customer and according to that they push the ads on their social media page.
There are certain benefits of using PPC for lead generation also like:-

• They only attract those visitors who are looking for who you are.
• It also helps in achieving keyword ranking and increase the traffic.
• It helps in tracking of the ROI on the investment.

Truly, PPC is a channel you pay for by the snap and Google Shopping Ads Services help you with it. Do remember, however, that no promoting channel is free. Somebody needs to oversee online networking, compose the websites, work with the SEO office (not free), and distribute the messages—and those individuals don’t do it for nothing.

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