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Bing and Yahoo is just another platform through which online advertising can be processed. These are much cheaper and give good conversions as a comparison to Google AdWords. Bing and Yahoo ads prove to be beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises as the CPC’s are less as compared to Google.

The ads our team put in bing advertisements are Expanded Text Ads, Product Ads, App installation Ads, Dynamic Search Ads. Whereas on yahoo our expertise falls in Mobile Advertisements, Video Advertisements, Native Advertisements, Search Advertisements.


Why Yahoo / Bing Ads?

More Online Traffic

Yahoo and Bing combine for almost 4 & 1/2 billion searches per month and a 29% market share of search.

Better Ranking Position

Yahoo and Bing Ads have less competition and cheaper CPC’s that provides better position on search engine.

Device Targeting

Yahoo and Bing Ads has better device targeting options, that can be executed on Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops

flexibility of targeting

Yahoo and Bing Ads offers more transparency and control over search targeting that drives traffic to the site.


AdWords India has one of the best Yahoo and Bing professionals whose expertise fall in building a good campaign where you will get the minimum cost per click with less competition and more conversions. Our team designs a strategy of how can you reach as many people in the target market as you can, by building variety of market channels for your business.

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