How To Approve Google AdWords Account For Technical Support?

The simplest and the shortest possible definition for Google AdWords can be 

Quality Ads + Solid Bid = Win-Win…!!

How To Approve Google AdWords Account For Technical Support?
How To Approve Google AdWords Account For Technical Support?

If you have the slightest of an idea about what Google AdWord is, you got this. But if you did not understand what this means, keep reading and you will get the idea. 

Now if explained in a little technical language, Google AdWord is basically a technique or better say platform where you advertise about your business, services or products to attract customers. And this is done through, PPC (Pay-Per-Click). But it is not anything like promoting ads on Instagram or Facebook. Google AdWords actually provide two ways to the advertisers to reach to the audience:

  1. Through the Google Search Network
  2. Through Google Display Network.

In Google Search network, your ads are shown to the people who are actively searching for something with the same keywords that you have chosen for your ad. On the other hand, Google Display Network does not show ads to the user searching for something with the keywords. Instead, it displays ads or better banner ads on the websites, where Google thinks that your user will be. 

Now that you have a little glimpse of what Google AdWords is next question popping in your head would be “Should I try Google AdWords?” Well, the answer can be yes, but you need to decide this and after reading this article, you will probably be sure about the decision. 

These days, there are hundreds of options to choose from for the PPC platform. You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Pinterest, almost every social media platforms give you the PPC platform. Other than the big king – Google, there are other search engines also like Yahoo, Bing, etc where you can run your ads. 

Despite all the competition, Google AdWords sits on the throne, when it comes to reaching your audience.

Ads from Facebook and other PPC platforms can undoubtedly work and they can work exceptionally well. That said, being able to reach customers who are looking for products, brands and content like yours (which isn’t an option with most social media PPC platforms) is a tremendous (and profitable) opportunity that you do not have should not be underestimated. This could give you the opportunity to make easy sales ahead of your competitor.

You know what is Google AdWords. You know why you should try it. Now the next thing is how to approve Google AdWords account for technical support. 

Simple Steps For Approval Of Google AdWords Account

Google AdWords might seem magical, however, it is not that easy. It is completely a different story to get your ads approved by Google. It’s like, you have set up your Google Ads account. You even linked it with your website. All the billing information is fed and double-checked. You even got through the last stage of choosing your keywords and selecting the ad groups. All done and now all you have to do is, click the save button and submit the ad. 

The actual test begins, when you hit the submit button and wait for the circle going round and round and seeing the message your ad is being processed. This waiting time is the period when the excitement turns to nervousness and later frustration. Only creating perfect ads with great content to grab your audience’s attraction is not enough. You need to get it approved from Google as well. And trust me, that is not easy. Well, at least, not easy for all. But it is not that impossible as well. You only have to get to the point in the right way. And the right way is listed below. 

In this article, I am going to share some quick tips on how to approve Google AdWords account for technical support. For getting the Adwords approved you need to first set up the Googe AdWord account. Let’s get on to that first. 

How To Set Up Google AdWord Account?

The three most basic and important thing that you need for a Google AdWord account is 

  1. A relevant website
  2. Which is easy to navigate
  3. And that is perfectly built.

Your Google Ads account (formerly known as Google AdWords) will help you attract qualified internet users to your landing pages. Once they have accessed your site, it’s up to you to convince them to convert. To achieve this, you need to create landing pages that will compel visitors to take action. If your landing pages are cluttered, lack relevant information, or don’t facilitate a conversion, you’re throwing money into a black hole and your paid search efforts will be in vain.

PPC however, misunderstood it may be, does not work magically. It does require some time to establish and show results. So here are three steps to set up a new Google Ads account.

  1. Step 1

Go to

You can either set your account with your existing Gmail account or create a new account. 

  1. Step 2

After setting up your account, fill in rest of the details like currency preferences, time zone, etc. 

  1. Step 3

The last step is to set up billing information. You can choose from two options. One is automatic payments, that gives you the option to do the payment after the clicks. The second is the manual payment, where you pay in advance.

Now you have the account set and ready to roll, next thing we need to understand is, 

How To Approve Google AdWords Account For Technical Support

In October 2018, Google updated its AdWord policy. According to the new policy, Google restricted ads from all third-party tech support providers. This policy did not affect the business advertisers, however, all the third-party firms were down the drain. After this policy was implanted, all the third-party tech supports ads were pulled down from Google SERPs YouTube, Gmail, Display networks, basically from all the Google Advertising Platforms. 

To ensure the best working of the new policy, Google rolled out a verification program that allowed only legitimate third-party tech support to use the Google platform for Google AdWords. 

To get your Google Ads approved you basically need to work on a few things.

How The Google Ads Approval Process Works

The process of reviewing Google AdWords ads is not a simple glance. It’s not as easy as checking profanity and clarifying it. The ad approval process begins after you create or edit an ad in AdWords. Once you have done that, the approval/review process will be activated automatically.

For example, when you sign in to your AdWords account and click to edit an existing ad, you need to review it after you save it. The same approval process happens when you create a new ad from scratch. Any change, update, or addition to an ad will require further consideration.

Yes, it is boring. But it is necessary.

Once you’ve submitted an ad for review and approval, Google looks at a few specific areas:

  • Your title: is it a spam or a scam?
  • Description: What message are you sending? It is authentic? Is it offensive?
  • Keywords: Does this ad make sense for these keywords?
  • Landing page: Does your landing page match your ad?

These are the four key factors that Google looks at when approving or rejecting your ads.

Remember: Google wants to give Internet users the best possible experience. Therefore, writing ads that generate a bad user experience is a sure way to get rejected.

In short, this is how the ad approval process works.

All you need to do is create (or edit) your ad and submit it for approval for your title, landing page, keywords, and description. Google must first review and process each ad to make sure it meets its standards.

On top of that, Google will put you in the current queue behind advertisers who have recently submitted their own ads for review.

Google operates on the basis of a submission schedule. This means that Google reviews the ads in the order they are received. No one gets preferential treatment here. With such a painstakingly detailed review process, ads can sometimes take days to get approved.

But, on average, Google will review most ads or mark them as “eligible” within one business day.

The only simple way to get your Google ad approved quickly is to follow the long list of policies set by Google. And if we’re being honest, no one is reading this. It’s like these terms and conditions where you have to click “accept” but never really read. But they do exist. And they are essential for the ads to be approved quickly.

The only reason Google won’t remove your ads for approval is if they violate the current rules. In short, you have to say away from:

  • Prohibited Content
  • Prohibited Practices
  • Restricted Content

Do this, strictly adhere to the policies and you are all set to roll and win the AdWords. 

While Google AdWords is probably the best and the fastest way to reach the top, it is equally annoying to keep waiting for approval. Hope this article helps you to get the Google AdWords account approved, especially if you are the third-party technical supporter type. 

Do not forget to share your reviews and any hidden tips and tricks that you know on how to approve Google AdWords Account for technical support. 

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