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AdWords Express helps potential customers find your website or Place page and gives you a quick and straightforward way to connect with them and grow your business. You simply provide some basic business information, create your ad, and your campaign is ready to go. AdWords Express is designed to help local businesses that aren’t already AdWords advertisers create effective campaigns. As with all our ad products, you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad. To make things even easier, AdWords Express optimizes your ads to get the most out of your advertising campaign and budget

Benefits of advertising with AdWords Express are


Create an online ad quickly and easily (faster than AdWords).



Attract more local customers to your website or Google.



Pay only when people click on your ad not for impressions.



Created for the Small Business owner for its ease of use and local target audience.




Ability to measure the effectiveness of your ads in your Google Places dashboard.



Integrated into your existing Google Adwords dashboard for easier analysis and reporting.



May reduce click costs because AdWords Express already has the location of your business on the ad.

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