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Bing and Yahoo! Shopping Campaigns manage Product Ads campaigns that were launched to show product ads that include text and organic listings on search results pages.
Product Ads are somewhat same as Google AdWords but with a couple of key differences. Bing Product Ads are shown on results pages, whereas Yahoo! Product Ads are shown on result page, plus there is an exciting free, bonus option of rich captions that include both price and inventory data from the product feed.

Adword India helps you to choose your keywords. First, we will think of the terms one of your customers might use to search for your products and offerings. Those search terms are a great starting point. Then we will use tools right in your account to find more keywords. Then what we will do is we will create ads for your keywords.In general, the more specific your ad is to the searcher’s intention, the higher the click-through rate will be.

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