What are the Benefits of Blogging ?

Here is the 7 Benefits of Blogging

 If you are a small business Owner and wanted to publicize your Business in less or no investment, then I would suggest you to opt Blogging. Blogging is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to enhance your Marketing efforts, this helps to drive traffic to the website as well as attract new customers.It is an additional tool that is capable of building a community that exchanges information on a particular segment by putting reviews and opinion. I would also tell you its benefits so that you feel confident and initiate to use it.

 1. Bring Traffic

Traffic is a necessity of a website, if a website want to be visible it should defiantly have more number of users. I consider blogging as generating leads. The more calls you make the chances of lead increases, in the same way, as you add more content to the website, your domain pages get indexed on search engine. This gives you visibility and traffic.

2. Boosts SERP’s

 Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing always love to get new and fresh content. Blogging gives search engines a unique content to index that helps in creating opportunities to plug in those all-important keywords for increasing your site visibility on (SERPS). So try to post contents on frequent basis.

3. Branding

Blogging displays your personal side in the world through Content, Pictures or videos. Your existing customers try to engage and also attract new customers to buy your product or services. Blogging builds awareness among the viewers they try to build relationships with your Brand.

4. Breakthrough your Rank

Ranking is one of the key factors on which the online business focuses upon; you can get it through paid or unpaid methods. Everyone wishes to get a higher rank of Google, but this cant be possible until and unless you are not following Google’s Guidelines. Blogging is one such method that increases your chances to get a rank on Google, upload your blogs on daily basis this will engage traffic on your site and then gradually you will see that your website has stated ranking Organically.

5. Bring On Board Current Customers

Inviting new customers is a good practice but if you are not maintaining the existing customers then I think you should work on your skills. Engaging the existing customers is one of the essential tasks of any business. Your marketing strategy should be build according to that where you engage the existing customers to buy your service. Blogging can surely engage old customers through the review and comment sections or you can also have a platform where they can share their experience about your business.

6. Bestow Long-Term Results

Blogging is a long-term result giver, as you upload a blog it remains there and people can search you and respond you on that, this increases your visibility on Google and increases your Rank.

7. Bring About Inbound Links

Blogs help to attract authoritative links to your business site. So having a high-quality inbound links to your website is really important as it can work as a pillar for your business Visibility and Branding.

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