Top 10 PPC (pay per click) Agencies in India – Complete Guide to PPC

Earlier the business used a traditional form of advertising but today the world has become digital, so has the digital advertising space transformed traditional advertising. Digital marketing is one of the fast pacing industries now. 

Pay per click marketing is one of the various traits of digital marketing. Digital marketing has completely revolutionized the promotional ideology and advertising procedures of a business. It is one of the booming industries around the world. 

One of the most popular forms of advertising is pay-per-click. PPC marketing is an indispensable technique that a business must utilize in order to drive paid traffic on a website. To targeting a specific audience, PPC strategy should be an important part of a marketing plan.


In PPC, an advertiser pays a certain amount as a fee every time whenever someone clicks on their ads. Most of the companies use PPC services as it is an online marketing strategy to get fruitful results.  

PPC marketing allows bidding on keywords on an online advertisement platform and attains the top position of a company in SERP in form of advertisement.

What is a PPC marketing agency?

PPC marketing agency helps companies to target and retarget their audiences by creating ads and running campaigns to gain a high return on investment(ROI).

PPC advertising agencies services include

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Automatic Bid management
  • Easy and efficient budget analysis
  • Campaign assessment
  • Content management
  • Perform A/B split testing of Ads targeting different regions and interests
  • Daily monitoring
  • gain targeted leads

PPC services PPC is a proven marketing strategy that provides positive results if done properly. 

What are the Top PPC marketing agency in India

Here is the Top PPC marketing agency in India that are the best in PPC advertising according to services and results.

  1. Ads triangle

    It is an exclusive PPC agency focusing on all the aspects of the PPC world. It is a trusted agency that claims to attain the utmost client satisfaction in a short time.

    This team assigns a dedicated person for every customer to manage PPC campaigns. It generates leads and drives online sales. It is a full-service digital marketing agency. 

  2. PPC champ

    It is the fastest-growing digital marketing and consulting company. PPC champ has Google and Bing certified professionals. 

    The goal of this company is simple yet very specific: to make you more money. The team is industry experience, industry recognition, and proven practices guarantee PPC success.  

    ppc champ

  3. EZ Rankings

    EZ Rankings happens to be one of the pioneering, creative, and client-friendly digital service provider company.

    Team members work together towards the satisfaction of clients and delivering the highest quality standards. The prime objective of this company is to place the client’s website high on the growth curve.

    EZ Rankings

  4. PPC Position

    PPC position has a team of search engine marketing professionals that provide exemplary PPC services to help the clients in achieving marketing goals. The company is certified in managing display ads and video ads. Its expertise in ad visuals and analytics.

    PPC Position

  5. Bruce clay

    It is a digital marketing company that has been worked with numerous brands. It has grown into a leading search marketing company providing search engine optimization services and consulting PPC advertising management, content development, and social media marketing services.
    Bruce Clay

  6. Ebrandz

    The vision of this company is to make search marketing affordable to individual entrepreneurs and SMEs. Ebrandz is an example of an SEO company that rivals the best in the world. The company helped clients by executing search marketing campaigns.


  7. Sparx IT Solutions

    This company provides exemplary PPC advertisement services. Being a PPC advertising company, it presents a business in a creative manner. The expert team providing the best PPC services and makes clients earn the best revenue out of PPC within a short time.   
    Sparx IT Solutions

  8. Techmagnate

    It is a top SEO company, that has adopted a complete digital marketing approach comprising of all facets of internet marketing. The company has a team of dedicated professionals and passionate experts that making a business grow by giving clients top visibility on SERP. 


  9. iProspect

    It is a global digital marketing company. iProspect has a specialist team that understands different avenues of digital marketing and also knows how to bring it all together. The goal of the team is to grow and evolve the business in a tangible manner. 


  10. Dvio Digital

    It is one of the leading integrated digital marketing agencies. The company has associated with popular brands, With the vision of being a world-class digital marketing company. This company driving business results through creativity and authenticity. 

  11. Conclusion

    PPC advertising is an overwhelming industry where updates releasing almost every day. Various search engine algorithm changes and constant updates in online advertisement platform make it challenging for a business to market their services. 
    Adword India is a PPC marketing agency that believes in quality, delivery, and brand development. We understand the problem and provide solutions by delivering real value for the time and money clients invest. 

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