How to rank higher on Google maps 2017?

How to rank higher on Google maps 2017?
Every business wants to rank number “one” on Google; well it can be possible you can rank just after the Google Ads. You just need to follow these 3 simple steps and can increase your position without any hurdles.
1.  Complete your Google My Business Information:
Google required certain data about you and your Business so that it can display your business listing online, that include-

  • Contact details- you have to mention your Business Name, address & Phone no.
  • Website- your website domain name so that people can contact you.
  • Business Hours- Google Maps tell users about the Office Hours i.e. the opening & closing time. This helps you to get potential customers.
  • No Duplicity- try not to mention two different addresses as it makes difficult for Google to chose one, this also results in duplicity of data due to which Google counts it as spams.

Make sure that the information you mentioned should be complete & accurate, people should understand that your Business is real; this helps your Google Maps to display on Google.
2.  It’s all about Google Reviews:
Reviews are another method to show Trustworthiness, and Google recognizes those who have more positive reviews. Just keep in mind once you allow people to post reviews on your Business Page You have no control over the them as there are many people out there who do not like you or your business service may give negative reviews, this creates negative impact on customers and Google as well.So to get high rank on Google you need to have more positive reviews on your Business Page, try asking your loyal customers to post reviews about the services they avail from you.
3.  Embed your Google Map Today:
Embedding Google Map on your website is another way to tell Google that the Contact Information you mentioned in Google My Business listing matches your map on website. This is usually put on the Contact Page of the website.

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