How to increase website traffic through Google?

How to increase website traffic through Google?

Excited to start a new business. That’s Great!

You must also be planning to have a website, If not then do plan it today! You have changed a lot of things in life; created your own financial freedom, you will have your working hours and now you will no longer report to anyone. After having so many alterations why are you still following the traditional marketing Strategy. Get awebsite today and do Marketing Digitally.

Ways to Increase Traffic:

1. A Link Building Strategy

Backlinks are backbones of any website, theses are incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another website, and are the most important factor that determine your website search ranking on Google. So it is necessary to create a link building strategy because it can take months for your website to rank on Google Search engine page.

2. Quality Articles

I have seen Bloggers who post blogs that are in trend instead I would suggest writing articles that are static and will gain traffic for longer time. Some even think that posting quantity content will drive traffic to their website. Delivering quantity is not important instead try to deliver quality, it gives presence to your website and increases traffic as well.

3. Video Optimization

If you post videos to grain traffic then post high quality and exciting videos, it attracts huge viewers.

4. Improve Site Speed

How do feel when some website takes time in loading? Like most of the people you just click the exit button and move on. In the same way if your site is taking more time it will definitely make people to exit and surf other site. So try to speed up your site using tools like pingdom and decrease your time.

5. Use HTTPS 

According to Google your site should use HTTPS and if your site is using SSL Certificate then it will get high preference as comparison to their websites. So, I would suggest you to use both and increase your website visibility.

6. Conduct SEO

SEO is an important factor that gives visibility to your website. It is of two types- On-page and Off- page SEO. Both are an integral part of website that gives ranking to your site on Google search engine page. On-page is done the website and Off- page is done on other website. So never forget to do SEO as it gives presence to your site around the world.

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